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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

Bright Plaza Pharmacy’s goal is to give you clear and accurate information regarding timing of Covid-19 vaccinations in our area. We continue to work through the process with both the Los Angeles County Department of Health and the CDC’s Federal Pharmacy Partnership.  Los Angeles is currently vaccinating only healthcare providers and persons over 65 years old.

Beginning March 1st, eligibility for vaccinations in LA County opens up for education and childcare workers who work or live in LA County.

Also eligible for vaccinations beginning March 1st, are workers in the food and agricultural sector and emergency service workers, and first responders.

Learn more about the different vaccination tiers and find out when it’s your turn to receive your free COVID-19 vaccination, by visiting

The vaccine is not yet available to persons listed in Phase 2 (General Population) in Los Angeles County.

We are currently approved to participate in vaccinations for Phase 2, but are prepared to participate in Phase 1 as needed by the Los Angeles County Department of Health.

Once we receive the approval to participate, we will be sending an email to everyone on our list to complete the necessary information including insurance and other information needed to determine priorities as defined by the County.

As a reminder, Bright Plaza Pharmacy will:

  • Vaccinate Only People Who Meet the Current Criteria.
  • No Charge for the Vaccine. We can charge insurance for the Administration Fee.
  • Los Angeles County Health Department has not given exact date on 1B rollout.