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About Us

Bright Plaza Pharmacy

Our business ventures began in 1979, when our first retail pharmacy location was purchased. Over the past 39 years, we have expanded to retail pharmacy locations in the southern California area. Bright Plaza Pharmacy opened its doors in 1990 in a small space currently occupied by the lab in the Bright Health Physicians building. Bright La Mirada Pharmacy opened in 1994.

All of our retail businesses are built on strong relationships with the community and its healthcare providers. We have a long history of community involvement at all of our retail sites. All of our facilities are community-based teaching sites for the USC School of Pharmacy, where we teach students means of successful community pharmacy and business ventures. Our mission in all of our health-related businesses is to provide a better outcome to our patients. With that in mind, we have pioneered with the USC School of Pharmacy, community-based disease management programs in the area of asthma and diabetes management and monitoring of anticoagulation therapy that have greatly benefited our patients.

We hope you enjoy your interactions with your community pharmacists and the unique offerings of the pharmacy you call your own. The community feel of each of our locations is why our patients have been filling their prescriptions with us for years. We hope to continue to serve our communities for many more years to come.

Toby Porter
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