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Healthcare Screenings & Immunizations

Leaving the country?
We can help you get all the vaccinations necessary to stay healthy and
enjoy your trip!

Home Medical Equipment

Take care of your loved ones at home...We have a large stock
of durable equipment.

Mobile Refills

Refill your prescriptions on the go.
My GNP app provides a solution for refilling your prescriptions from your mobile phone.

Greeting Cards

Beautiful cards for all your family and upcoming occasions.


We Are Now an Official UPS Access Point for your Incoming and Outgoing Packages

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Travel Immunizations

Home Medical Equipment

Medication Synchronization (Med Sync)

Specialty Pharmacy


We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Kloudscript Specialty Medications. We can now offer these products to you at all 5 of our pharmacies.

Health Connection: DEC 2020

Adults Need Vaccines Too. Here’s Which Ones. Most people know that kids need to get regular vaccines to stay healthy during childhood. But getting immunized is still important for adults — it’s just that the vaccines you need are a little different. Here are some key vaccines you should consider working into your wellness plan to protect yourself and others. Influenza For many people who had chicken pox as a child, it was an uncomfortable itchy experience that kept them out of school for a week or more. But chicken pox can also cause serious complications, such as pneumonia, infection or inflammation of the brain, and blood infections. A serious case of the chicken pox can lead to hospitalization or…

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Medication Flavoring

We can flavor your child's medication so medicine time is
A better experience


We stopped here for coffee

We stopped here for coffee and found an amazing pharmacy, We normally deal with some of the other chain pharmacy’s, well never again!! Some people might complain that they don’t get immediate attention but I for one want the pharmacist to make sure my script is filled right. I have found my new pharmacy and coffee!!

Deana A.

I have been filling my

I have been filling my prescriptions at BPP for over 10 years. During all of my visits, the pharmacists and staff have been very informative and friendly. The convenience of having a pharmacy inside the medical building is ideal. I especially like the phone and on-line refill feature the pharmacy offers, as well as the option to have your prescriptions delivered.
I have been in the pharmacy numerous times when they are extremely busy and I have always been greeted in a quick manner and my prescriptions have been filled very timely.
I love the feel of a “neighborhood” pharmacy. It is refreshing to have a sense of community. I would recommend BPP!

Megan K.

I took my son the

I took my son the the Urgent Care this morning for the first time and decided to have his prescriptions filled at this pharmacy. (I usually go to Rite Aid) I was thoroughly impressed with how fast his medications were filled!! The Pharmacist was very helpful in answering all of my questions and also very friendly . Overall, very great experience. I’m going to be transferring all of my families medications to Bright Plaza Pharmacy!!!

Adrianne A.

I have been using this

I have been using this Pharmacy for about three years. The staff is always polite and pleasant. Every time I have used the automated system my prescriptions are ready on time. On the occasions I have dropped them off, they are ready within 15-20 minutes.

David e.

I have spent

I have spent too much time in pharmacies in the last few weeks due to my wife having surgery. I can honestly say this has to be one of the if not the best local pharmacies around. We had need to get some specialized injections and a run about scooter and Bright plaza went above and beyond the call of duty to help me with everything I needed. I will no longer go to the “big name” pharmacy’s. The bonus was while I was waiting to load up the scooter I had an amazing cup of coffee and a pastry at their in house coffee shop Dr. Java!!!

Michael D.

Just wanted to say thank

Just wanted to say thank you to Daniel for is dedication for helping my mother in-law with her motorized chair. He has gone above and beyond finding the battery and saving her money. Thank you again

Julie Leightner

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Refill your prescriptions on the go. The My GNP app provides a simple solution for refilling your prescriptions. Simply scan the barcode on your prescription bottle or type the prescription number and watch as the My GNP app sends your request to Bright Plaza Pharmacy.

Come in and let us help you achieve your best possible health.

Bright Plaza Pharmacy and Bright La Mirada Pharmacy are conveniently located in the Bright Health Physicians (BHP/PIH) medical buildings in Whittier and La Mirada. Our pharmacies have been serving the Whittier and La Mirada communities for over 30 years.

Our pharmacists will provide you with personalized medication, attention and care. In addition to prescriptions we also stock a full line of over the counter medicines, home medical equipment, as well as oxygen concentrators. In our Bright Plaza Pharmacy location, you can also get a cup of coffee or pastry from Dr. Java Coffee Company while you wait for your prescription!

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